NetQin Security

NetQin Security

Excellent mobile security app for Android


  • Realtime protection
  • Lots of lost phone protection
  • Contact backup options
  • Optiminizing tool very useful
  • Different scan options
  • URL scanner


  • Cannot move to SD card
  • Hard to assess effectiveness of antivirus engine


NetQin Security is an impressive security app for your Android phone.

Android security problems get a lot of attention, but whether or not you take them seriously enough to install an security app or antivirus is a decision only you can make. If you do think it is important, you could do much worse than NetQin Security, a slick, comprehensive and very professional-looking security app that runs on Android phones running 2.1 and over.

Virus protection

NetQin Security is divided into 7 main areas. The primary focus on the homescreen is the scan button, which allows you to run 3 types of scan - fast, complete or customized. It's also here that you'll be able to toggle real-time protection and URL scanner, both essential given the fast, multi-functional nature of a mobile device. Moving back to the homescreen, it's also here that you'll be able to update NetQin Security's virus database - to have NetQin Security perform this update automatically, you'll have to pay for the pro version.

Phone protection

NetQin Security also helps keep your phone safe - from both privacy threats that hijack your phone once installed to your physical phone being stolen. Privacy protection gives you a list of apps that can access your contacts, messages, device info and more, and gives you details on each, even allowing you to uninstall them directly if they look suspicious.

NetQin Security's Anti-lost protection is also extensive, allowing you to track your phone, set off alarms and even remotely lock the phone. Just bear in mind, however, that some of these features will require you to either provide a reporting number (the number of a friend or family member to use if your phone is stolen) or to purchase a pro version of NetQin Security.

System optimization

NetQin Security also provides a number of tools that allow you to easily manage apps and contacts. Although this can be done without the help of a separate app, it's nice to be able to do it from the one interface. NetQin Security lets you uninstall apps, terminate resource-hungry programs, back up your contacts and more. Despite its vastness, NetQin Security isn't actually a huge program, and didn't noticeably slow our test phone.

If you feel the need for an Android antivirus, then NetQin Security is a monster of an app.

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NetQin Security


NetQin Security

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